Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mother is an organisation

Dilsova is active to help poor,misery,victimsNepali people even though she is 56 years old.Khagesori Khadka of 104 years calls 'Ma' which means mother.After that name of organisation is 'Ama'.Dilsova Shrestha look old people at home as well Aryaghat's sick old people.She takes care till dead.She serves food in bed with love and care to sick and old people.She had 13 children.Four went Paropkar school,2 went St Xavier school and 2 went to Bal Mandir organisation.One child is adopted by her relative.Shopkeeper Divya Shichhit put donation box for the organisation.During some occasions these misery people get food.Now she is suppoted by many poeple and got more couraged.She says " Dr Ravi Dangol and Deepak Moharjan help a lot. These poor people got love and care rather than their parents.She does cleaning,washing,cooking food,taking them to toilet etc.She never hesitate to dishes where these people make pee and shit.She takes children to the school.When she knows someone in need, she bring back to her organisation.She took so many needy people from hospital.In the organisation now 4 old people who are more than 100 years.They are mental disorder,blind,deaf,no legs,no hands,some have leprosy.She has one malnutrition child cannot speak.She went 25 different school to admit him but refused her.This organisation registered in 1997.Her daughter helps her. Now a days she start getting help from NIC Bank made water tank which cost Rs.300000,Singer Nun Chhoyang Dolma bought washing machime,solar,sold her vechile in Rs.2o,00000 to buy land for the organisation and Social Welfare gave Rs.400000.These poor people are very grateful.These people feel save and secure.Dilsova Shrestha found Mina Maharjan under Bishnumati brigde where lots garbage and smell badly.Mina Maharjan had TB and was thrown by Tripureswor local people.Mina had swollen stoach,smell bad,body with full lice.Dilsova brought to Bir hospital and treated her.Doctor hesitated to touch her and wrote medicine.Medicine cost Rs.1500 but she had only Rs.400.She slod her gold ring.She bought clothe to dress Mina Maharjan.Mina got well and lives in Gyaneswor church.Dilsova Shrestha had hard life even though she was born in rich family.She married to Haritanama at age of 18 who cheated her.She had to live in rented hut which hole in roof and had ro sleep on mat covered her body with thin white cloth..She had nothing to eat.Her son was born in hospital and same day the baby was died.She has had full of tear in her eyes.Her husband used to do bus conductor and she used to weave hat,highneck and sweater and earned enough.She colected Rs.20,000 and bought land and bulit house.Her daughter finished degree and became dance teach in China,Henan University.Dilsova Shrestha's husband got married to another woman and used to drink alot with friends.He r husband pushed her when asked question and fell down from ladder.She got wounded in head.Her busband left her and took all the money she had collected for her daughter marriage.Her busband never came back.

Then Ten Indian Comment

  1. Reman close to the great spirit
  2. Show great respect for your fellow beings
  3. Give assistance and wherever needed
  4. Be truthful and honest at all times
  5. Do what you know to be right
  6. Look after the well being of mind and body
  7. Treat the earth and all that dwell there on with respect
  8. Take full responsibility for your actions
  9. Dedicate a share of your efforts to the great benefit of all mankind.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

John's real story(Part 9)

You know he has to sleep and eat in the organisation even though he doesn't want too.The organisation where he used live.He has to play hide and seek in his life.He cannot show his face the girl he loves.He wants take good care his parents,younger sisters and the girl he loves.He has to lie a lot even though he doesn't want too.He wants to go either Canada or USA to work so that he can earn lot of money.And then come to his own country fullfill his dream.Even though he gets job but pays less which is just survive.He knows American,Maxican,continental,chinese,italian,some European cuisines.Any of these he can assist the chef.He knows some bakery like making muffins,pies,quiches etc.

John's real story(Part 8)

His parents are very poor, old and physically very wick.They are depending on their sons and one elder daughter.Their daughter helped them a lot than sons did.It does't mean that sons are bad just they cannot.Their sons want to help the parents in need.Their sons are helping how much they can.John wants to help his parents but he has very bad situation.After he came from Mauritius ,he is facing hard life.Hard to get job.All the he had is finished.He is totally broke.His dream to buy own house which has little bit space for garden.And in that house with beautiful wife and she loves him a lot.He doesn't know when his dream come true.He loves to UK,Canada,USA and Switzerland.All the time he is facing failure life.He went through different religions to find the sloution and make himself peace in mind.He could find no sloution but just to suffer.He thinks that there are many Johns who suffer a lot like him.He has no money to buy food stuffs.He couldn't study further to get better job.He went many institute but they cheated him.They are there to earn themsef but not help others.

Monday, August 24, 2009


Shanghai Ding is a new Shanghainese restaurant recently opened in Penang. I love Shanghainese food and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try a new restaurant. Penang is no Shanghai, but I was pleased with the food there.
This is their flagship specialty: Crab Meat Xiao Long Bao . I am not a novice in this delicacy and have had the best Xiao Long Bao in Shanghai, Taipei, and Hong Kong. Theirs were authentic and quite tasty–the skin thin and the dumplings were filled with hot and juicy broth. The traditional Shanghai Xiao Long Bao (with just pork meat) were pretty good, too.

About remedies(astrology)

There is a remedy for every problem. This is the unique feature of our astrology site. Our founder Dattatreya Siva Baba says "We all know that we have money or relationship problems. We do not need the planets to confirm what we already know. What then is the purpose of astrology? The purpose of astrology is to find remedies for our current problems and to avoid future problems."

Nevertheless it is a sad fact that only 2% of visitors to our site use our remedial services. The statistics is not surprising. The planets will not allow you to escape your karma that easily. It will create many obstacles to perform the remedies. It has happened for Ramana Maharishi himself. Carl Jung described Ramana Maharishi, the whitest spot in the white sky. Yet Ramana Maharishi died a painful death from cancer. Brighu, the Vedic Seer astrology, gave him a remedy. But Ramana Maharishi ignored the remedy. Paramahamsa Yogananda also was skeptical to the remedy suggested by his guru. When this is the case with highly evolved souls, it is not surprising that common people ignore remedies.

The dynamics of remedy is interesting. The person who suggests remedy for the client immediately comes under a curse from the planets. It is the reason why an orthodox astrologer in India keeps purifying himself on daily basis to get rid of curses coming from his clients remedies. The most curious dynamics of remedial astrology is that the remedy has to be performed by the right ritual performer. Procuring the right ritual performer is equivalent to getting the right attorney to represent you. Besides the performance of remedies by the third party, the individual himself should engage in penance and meditation in order to counteract malefic results from the planets.

Datta has developed a remedial package keeping in mind all of the elements

John's real story(Part 7)

when he was in Buddha Academy he was fall in love one girl whos name is S.N.She was cheating him but truely loved another boy whos name is R.K.John left school and again came back to school.Now she accused him and curse him.Now he doesn't have no feelings for her but he doesn't wish bad things in her lives.He always wishes happiness comes in her lives.Many times she interferred in his life.She wishes to see him cry.She didn't let any girl to fall in love with him even though he is good,kind and understanding person.She always used to talk bad about him to other girls.But he didn't interferr in her lives and never will.